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By FEND Staff

Unions: Delay fed vax deadline

By FEND Staff

Federal employee unions are objecting to the Biden administration's Nov. 22 vaccination deadline for feds, and are asking for that date to be pushed into January.

Feds: Tighten cybersecurity

By FEND Staff

A majority of feds in the cyber field queried in a recent survey think they do a better job than their private-sector counterparts. Before that stat leads you to jump to conclusions that feds think all is well in the computer security world, take note: A far larger majority of feds say that government must do much more to protect data and computer networks.

Thrift Savings Share Prices

By FEND Staff

Thrift Savings Share Prices as of November 15, 2021.

Feds—It's Open Season!

By FEND Staff

It's Open Season, and time for feds to consult the best and clearest resources—to get needed info to make the smartest choices on next year's health insurance and other benefit plans.

Contractor vax deadline on hold

By FEND Staff

A federal appeals court put a stay on the White House-led OSHA regulations, which had called for larger private-sector companies to require either COVID vaccinations or weekly testing.

GAO: COVID safety improving

By FEND Staff

Many improvements have been made in current and future workplace health and reentry information collection and plans, according to a GAO report finds, in wake of a White House order last year instructing the COVID Task Force to review the situation.

Bill to end WEP penalty?

By FEND Staff

Legislation is pending on Capitol Hill that would rescind the current WEP penalty, a penalty that reduces federal retirement checks. Federal employee advocates are applauding the proposal.

Letter: Feds, report back!

By FEND Staff

A group of lawmakers has signed a letter, pressing the Biden administration to bring more of the federal workforce back to its pre-pandemic offices and worksites, given complaints of continued reduced government "responsiveness" to the public and businesses.

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