The 67th edition of the Federal Employees Almanac

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Welcome to the 67th edition of the Federal Employees Almanac!

We are pleased to bring you another year of policies, legislation and rules and regula­tions that impact your federal career all in a single source guide.

This guide will help you navigate your career and benefits as a federal employee as well as a federal retiree, which can be a difficult task. But our experts have tracked all of the important changes in legislation throughout the year to help our readers stay abreast of the developments.

Every page of this book provides you with details on benefits such as dental and vision programs, long-term care options, hiring and transferring processes, promotions, and many other aspects of your federal career. It also is available in a web version that includes real-time updates.

The Federal Employees Almanac owes its accuracy and comprehensiveness to the hard work and invaluable contributions of some of the top experts in the federal benefits and employment field. 1105 Media offers its special thanks to Reginald M. Jones, former direc­tor of retirement and insurance policy at the Office of Personnel Management, and all of our editors.

Don’t forget to visit the web version of the Almanac at, where you can also find topic-based Q&As, free interactive forums and the latest news. Subscribe to the website and register for the free forums today!

Chapter 1: Pay 

Chapter 2: Insurance 

Chapter 3: Retirement 

Chapter 4: Post-Retirement 

Chapter 5: Leave and Other Benefits

Chapter 6: Thrift Savings Plan 

Chapter 7: Divorce, Legal Separation, and Annulment 

Chapter 8: Employment Procedures and Policies 

Chapter 9: Downsizing Policies 

Chapter 10: Agency Roles and Responsibilities 

Chapter 11: Travel, Transportation, and Relocation 

Chapter 12: Postal Service 

Chapter 13: Resources and References 

 Chapter 14: Taxes


2021 Digital Almanac

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