Federal pay policy is elaborate and highly structured. Congress determines federal salaries, under three systems: General Schedule (GS), Senior Executive Service (SES) and Executive Level. There are also classifications and job grading within these systems, and special rules around annual adjustments, overtime, severance and deductions. Find answers to your paycheck questions in the subtopics under Pay in the menu above.


  • Biden admin ups pay for fed firefighters

    Average annual pay for U.S. Forest Service firefighters is $38,000, versus $70,000 to $88,000 for their state, local and private counterparts. The White House has ordered an immediate modest boost, and bills pending in Congress could lock in this and additional gains for these crucial first responders. View More

  • NTEU hopeful on budget boost

    The National Treasury Employees Union is hopeful for increased funding and staffing at agencies, highlighting IRS, CBP and others. View More


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